13CO2/12CO2 -Stabile Isotope Ratio  Analytic

DIBTA 16 Port Analyser with a NDIR 2 Channel Detector

(non dispersiv opto akustic signal detection based infrared photon-spectrometer)

Manufacturer &  Designer: 

DELTA Analytics OHG Developer of  actual design and electronics. Has gradually handed over the complete business areas to SyWiTec since 2019.

SyWiTec GbR 

Successor. Electronics specialist and supplier of DELTA Analytics since 2010. Today manufacturer of the analysers.

We assume that more than 1.000 publications concerning NDIR application had been published meanwhile in the last 20 years. We are planning to set up a short, incomplete reference list in the future, with which we can provide active customers from the laboratory sector and analytics with further information and assistance in their questions. Customers from the pharmaceutical field are kindly requested to contact DAN-Pharma GmbH.


1       System & Application Field (in brief)

2      Technical Data of the DIBTA Analyser

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