2.0_E Products 

Some examples of products as well as working aids which are used in the laboratory, medical devices or pharmaceutical sector:

  • Temperature-controlled liquid cuvette for ATR-FTIR
  • Solvent-activated adhesive coating for PTFE films
  • Apparatus for non-destructive separation of toxic substances/pharmaceuticals while retaining the primary packaging material
  • Apparatus for non-destructive analysis/spectroscopy of toxic substances/drugs while retaining the primary packaging materia
  • High viscosity (solid) gels (containing > 95 % ethanol)
  • Development of decalcifying solutions


  • Development of petroleum substitutes from renewable resources and recycled production residues for film applications/laboratory chemicals.
  • Planning and consideration of energetic use ( electrovoltaic and classical fuel) of methanol. 
  • Distribution of equipment, accessories and methods for 13C/12C stable isotope ratio analysis for quantitative content determination in gases, liquids and solids.